Final Fantasy XV Review: Why Do Gamers Love To Play This Video Game And Why Should You?

Final Fantasy XV Review: Why Do Gamers Love To Play This Video Game And Why Should You?
There are valid reasons why gamers love to play Final Fantasy XV. If you are not yet a fan, read this article to know the reasons why. Photo : PlayStation/YouTube

Final Fantasy XV has experienced commercial and critical success in the gaming community. To date, this video game has more than 155 million copies sold making it one of the best-selling titles of all time. Surely, there are valid reasons why it has achieved this kind of success. It is not wrong to think that avid fans of the game love it for valid reasons. What are some of these reasons?

Some Fans Believe That This Video Game Is A Masterpiece

The graphics of Final Fantasy XV is superb and very realistic. Its open world is fully 3D and just exploring it will give you enough satisfaction. But what takes the hearts of fans is the game itself. Some fans believe that it is a great masterpiece. It has a great story and contains characters that you will learn to love and support

Final Fantasy XV Is An Epic RPG

Being an epic role-playing game, you have to spend hours playing it. And that is one of the valid reasons why gamers love this game. The game's story and its gameplay are so engaging that you won't know that you have already spent many hours on your PS4, Xbox One or PC.

This is not so surprising since Final Fantasy XV will take you across a majestic open world to accomplish your mission. You need to save the world from the clutches of the highest kind of evil entity. The game offers linear stories, along with turn-based strategic combat.

The Depth Of Combat Is Remarkable

You will appreciate the quality of combat in Final Fantasy XV. It has great depth and performing the battles and winning them will surely give you great satisfaction. By using the D-pad mid flow, you can switch from one weapon to another. You can follow up your parries with strong combos to inflict heavy damage and overcome your enemies.

The Human Element Of The Game Will Captivate You

There are great gameplays, powerful combos to kick the asses of your opponents. But they don't diminish the core of the game itself. Final Fantasy XV tells of the story of Noctis and his three comrades who joined him in his quest for justice and peace.

This game does not forget the human spirit that binds together these four protagonists. Final Fantasy XV portrays them as friends for life and there are personal moments they share as they fulfill their missions. You will be with them fighting big monsters, and you will also be with them during the quiet moments of rest and recreation.

This Is A Video Game With An Epic Story

Probably the first thing in Final Fantasy XV that will make a big impact is its epic story. You will undertake a road trip with your three friends to fulfill your objective. There's a special car that you will be provided with that can fly if need be, as you and your friends explore vast lands, open spaces, cities and towns.

On your journey you will encounter colossal monsters that will try to stop you. You and your comrades need to defeat them. But if you have fulfilled certain requirements, powerful Astrals will come to your aid and help you defeat your enemies. These are the things that would make you want to play the video game over and over again.

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