Final Fantasy XV Guide: How To Summon And Persuade The Astrals To Help And Not To Fight You

Final Fantasy XV Guide: How To Summon And Persuade The Astrals To Help And Not To Fight You
The Astrals in Final Fantasy XV can be persuaded to help you complete your mission and this article will guide you on how to do just that. Photo : Zanar Aesthetics/YouTube

Summon, in the real world means to bid or to call on someone. But in the fantasy world of Final Fantasy XV, a summon can also mean someone, not just the action of calling that someone. There are a number of summons in this video game and they are called Astrals or other worldy gods. They can either help you or destroy you.

These Summons Can Help You Fulfill Your Missions

But you are not concerned about your destruction when you play Final Fantasy XV, right? You are after the completion of your mission. These summons can be a great help to fulfilling your mission. That is why it is important for you to learn how to summon these Astrals and convince them to support your cause. Here are some ways you can do this.

These summons in Final Fantasy XV only show up when they want to because they have minds of their own. So it will be a bit tricky in getting their help. Each of these Astrals has their specific personalities. Therefore, you must fulfill their specific requirements in order to get their help.

How To Summon And Get The Help Of Titan

The very first summon that you will encounter in Final Fantasy XV is Titan. He is a stone giant so if you could convince him to join you and your party, he can inflict a good deal of damage to your enemies. The most effective way of getting his help is when one of your comrades is injured. You can summon him in the Archean quest after you overcome him in battle and acquire his mark.

How To Summon Ramuh And Get His Help In Final Fantasy XV

Right after fighting with Titan in Chapter 4, you will be faced with Ramuh. You will be required to complete certain tasks to persuade him to help you with your mission. This time, you don't need to fight this Astral. Ramuh will be very useful to you because he will tend to fight with you longer each time you are faced with an enemy.

How To Summon And Get The Help Of Shiva

Shiva is a very powerful Astral in Final Fantasy XV that you can only call if you have fulfilled all the conditions of the other Astrals. This means you have one of your party injured during battle, be near a body of water, and for Noctis to be in danger. Her special powers on blizzard spells and ice will help you overcome your enemies. But you can only summon her during the latter part of the game.

How to Summon Leviathan And Get His Help

Leviathan is the water god who will be available to you in chapter 9 of Final Fantasy XV. You also need to overcome him. But he will only appear when you are fighting your enemies on areas that are near bodies of water. You can only summon him if Noctis is in Danger Status or when the screen turns red. The longer Noctis is in this state, the likelier Leviathan will appear.

How You Can Summon and Convince Bahamuth To Help You

Calling on Bahamuth is different from the other Astrals in Final Fantasy XV. He will not come because you have fulfilled certain requirements. But you can summon him during a story quest and when you can stand the glorious powers that this huge black dragon possesses.

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