Adopting A New Pet? Here Are 6 Savvy Tips For New Dog Owners

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Welcoming a new dog in your house can be both an exciting and a overwhelming experience. Taking care of a dog doesn't have hard and fast rules that will help you easily manage their actions and behaviors.

As a new dog owner, you may have many apprehensions . Of course you want to keep your new pet safe, healthy and happy. Here below are six savvy tips on how you can better prepare for the arrival of your new buddy:

Tip #1 Ensure Ownership Of Task And Responsibility.

Getting a dog means understanding the responsibilities associated in pet ownership.

Below are some important factors you can consider:

-Reasons for getting a dog

-Time and budget to take him to obedience-training classes

-Time to practice at home what has been learned in obedience-training classes

-Ability to properly take care of a dog- such as feeding him with proper food and clean water, bathing, and exercising him everyday

-Tolerance in handling dog hair and drool on clothes and furniture in the house

-Ability and time to clean up after a dog sheds

-Patience and tolerance for dogs after accidents on carpets or after he chews your favorite shoe?

-Ability to obey leash laws

-Ability to pick up after him on daily walks

-Time and budget to find a quality veterinary clinic and pet health insurance plan to keep him healthy

-Room in your home and backyard for a small or large dog

Tip #2 Be Informed And Updated.

It is difficult to refuse taking home the first cute and cuddly dog you may see in the pet store. However, before making that decision, it is important that you make a research about the dog from his current caretaker or breeder. Inquire about his daily routine and his usual behavior in the house, around people and other dogs. It is also important to consider his behaviour around kids if you have children and other pets in the house.

Tip #3 Seek Your Dog-Smart Friends And Family For Advice.

Your families and friends know you well-for sure they will know how you will fit to become the savvy dog owner in the future. They can guide you to find the dog breed that will match you and your family's lifestyle.

Tip #4 Secure The Necessary Pet Supplies.

Before going home with your new pet, ensure to secure the following important supplies. These items will secure your new dogs safety and comfort as you welcome him in his new home.

• Safe dog toys

• Collar

• Identification tags

• Quality commercial dog food (ensure it is appropriate for his age, activity, and health levels)

• Dog bedding

• Stainless steel food and water bowls

• Package of disposable doggy waste bags

• Leash

Tip #5 Spend Quality Time Together.

It is important to ensure quality time with your dog as he spends his first day in your hime. Take time off from work and bond with your dog on the day you are scheduled to pick him up. Give him the time to sniff and investigate his new home (room by room) while considering his own pace.

Be careful not to overwhelm your dog by slowly introducing him to the rest of the family members as well as other pets in the house.

Tip #6 Arrange Entertaining Activities When Your Dog Is Left Alone At Home.

Make sure you keep your dog entertained when you leave him alone at home while you work. This is important to prevent him from being lonely, bored and destructive. You can arrange a professional pet sitter to take your dog for daily walks. You can also bring your dog to doggy day care centers. Professional animal caretakers are able to provide supervision and structure to exercise your dogs. It can also help him socialize better with people and other dogs.

Another option is buying brain-stimulating toys for your dogs to train their minds while you are away.

Tip #7 Be Patient At All Times.

It is important to be patient with your new buddy. Your new pet needs more time to adjust to his new environment. Staying calm and being consistent in your commands and behaviour will help him adapt to his new home easier.

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