New MacBook Pro Laptops Finally Get Consumer Reports Recommendation

The new MacBook Pro has received its fair share of praises and criticisms when it was released just a few months ago. However, among all the criticisms, Consumer Reports' may be one that actually matters. So when it didn't give the new MacBook Pro laptops a recommendation, it did make headlines.

MacBook Pro 2016 Initially Not Recommended By Consumer Reports

When Consumer Reports initially ran tests on the new MacBook Pros, they had concerns with the laptops' battery lives. It was said that the new MacBook Pro series showed inconsistent results. As a whole, none of the tests came up with a score that's high enough for Consumer Reports to recommend the MacBook Pro 2016.

Apple Gets A Consumer Reports Recommendation

Nevertheless, things took a massive turn as Apple helped itself get the recommendation it deserves. As per GSM Arena, the company worked with Consumer Reports to fix the issue. Apparently, the iPhone-maker found that there were inconsistencies with how the battery life tests were conducted. It was said that Consumer Reports' tests used a script that deleted the computers' cache, which actually isn't a usual user behavior.

Needless to say, Apple released a software update a few days ago and Consumer Reports say that this fixed the issues that they met during testing. It was said that with the new update, all MacBook Pro 2016 models did perform well. With that, the organization has now given the popular laptop series their longed-for recommendation.

Download MacBook Pro 2016 Bug-fixing Update

To download the new MacBook Pro software, Apple has a beta program that you need to sign up for. It's called the MacOS Sierra version 10.12.3 Beta 16D25a as per GSM Arena. For people contemplating on buying the new MacBook Pro 2016, you're assured that the laptop is now well recommended and comes with the necessary updates.


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