DJI Mavic Pro Shipment Schedules From Different Retailers 2017 Update

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An alleged Mavic Pro drone was flown in a restricted area. Photo : Timothy Sunday / YouTube

If you're one of the people planning to buy the DJI Mavic Pro or if you're one of those awaiting your Mavic Pro orders, this post is for you. By now, you should have already known that the popular drone has been in a hot seat for shipment issues. DJI was initially criticized for accepting pre-orders of the drone and not being able to hit its shipment schedule target. Eventually, the company apologized and moved the shipment ETA to approximately eight weeks.

Now, the company has changed its shipment ETA for the Mavic Pro to as short as 5-7 days. Now the question is: are past orders of the Mavic Pro all cleared and delivered? Unfortunately, there are still people claiming that their orders from months ago are still unshipped.

DJI Mavic Pro Past Orders' Status

When we posted about Mavic Pro's shipment status, there were a number of people who shared that their drones still haven't arrived at their doorsteps. Needless to say, most of these orders were made from third-party retailers. A few who have ordered from Amazon say that their delivery date ETAs change every now and then. Some even say that the shipping date even disappeared altogether eventually. It's also worth noting that before the shipment dates allegedly disappeared, Amazon buyers saw a February delivery schedule.

Of course, it isn't only Amazon that has been mentioned by buyers who have bought the Mavic Pro months ago. There are people who ordered from different sellers from the US and the UK and claim that their Mavic Pro drones haven't been delivered yet. The bottom-line is that there are still some past orders that may not have been cleared yet, despite DJI's reduction of the new orders' waiting time.

DJI Mavic Pro New Orders Shipment Dates

As mentioned, DJI is now selling the Mavic Pro with a shipment date of 5-7 days from order confirmation. So far, it looks like only DJI sells the drone with this shipment schedule. Amazon lists the Mavic Pro with a release date of March 20, 2017, while Apple says it will take 8-10 weeks for them to ship the drone. B&H, on the other hand, lists the drone on pre-order mode and with an availability status of "New Item - Released In Limited Qty."

Needless to say, it's only DJI who has decreased the waiting time for new Mavic Pro orders, which actually bugs the other buyers even more. If the company seems to have already resolved its supply issues, this good news should be extending to its third-party retailers as well. However, apparently, these external retailers are still having problems handling orders.

When Will You Get Your Mavic Pro

Right now, past buyers of the Mavic Pro have no choice but to believe what their retailer says their shipment schedule is. Unless canceling your order and making a new order through DJI is a sound option to you, there's really not a lot that can be done right now. Hopefully, new customers can verify that DJI's new Mavic Pro shipment schedule is indeed true and the company already has enough drones for new orders. Additionally, we do hope that the company would also assist its third-party retailers in completing all past orders as it is quite unfair that new orders from DJI will be delivered in a week while past orders from multiple retailers remain with an indefinite shipment status.


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