Square Enix Developing New RPG Project Octopath Traveler For Nintendo Switch; Four ‘Dragon Quest' Games Confirmed For Switch

Square Enix Developing New RPG Project Octopath Traveler For Nintendo Switch; Four 'Dragon Quest' Games Confirmed For Switch
Square Enix has revealed that they're making a new RPG as they announce more "Dragon Quest" games heading to Nintendo Switch. Read on for more details. Photo : GameTrailers/YouTube

Nintendo has just revealed one of the most awaited announcements of the year regarding Nintendo Switch. The company has finally confirmed that the new Nintendo Switch gaming console will be launched in March 2017. Moreover, new video games from Square Enix, including the “Dragon Quest” video games are heading to Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo has announced that Nintendo Switch will officially be released in stores worldwide on March 3 this year. These news has gotten a lot of gaming enthusiasts excited and they are even more thrilled to find out that more video games from Square Enix are heading to the new gaming consoles. Aside from confirming some “Dragon Quest” titles, Square Enix is reportedly working on a new role-playing video game designed just for Nintendo Switch, as of the moment.

Square Enix Working On New RPG

Square Enix has revealed that they are developing a new role-playing game, which they have named Project Octopath Traveler. Along with the surprise, the developer has also revealed a trailer, giving fans a sneak peek on what to expect from the new game. The said RPG has been confirmed for Nintendo Switch but it has not yet been determined whether or not it will be exclusively available on the said platform.

The brief trailer, which can be watched below, featured the characters, the gameplay, and the graphics of Project Octopath Traveler. The game also introduced a vast world shown on a map wherein numerous cities can be found. There might also be a possibility of embarking on adventures that are on other continents since there is another continent labeled in the said map.

The unnamed characters were momentarily revealed through an artwork, which comprised of eight people that can be classified into eight classes or just eight characters that wield different expertise since someone is seen holding a bow. The title Octopath probably has something to do with them, meaning eight different paths or stories. The game is laid out in a 3D environment but with 2D animation and might be a turn-based RPG based on the combat system the trailer showed. Square Enix has yet to announce more information about this looked-for Nintendo Switch game.

Square Enix Confirms “Dragon Quest” Games For Nintendo Switch

Aside from presenting a new game in the works, Square Enix has confirmed that four “Dragon Quest” titles are heading to Nintendo Switch. “Dragon Quest Heroes I”, “Dragon Quest X”, and “Dragon Quest Heroes will all be launched on the new console, along with “Dragon Quest XI”. A new teaser video for “Dragon Quest Heroes I & II” were just released as well for the Switch.

The two “Dragon Quest Heroes” video game titles will be bundled into one game, though Square Enix has yet to announce the release date. The combined version will include all the previous games’ downloadable contents as well as new content. “Dragon Quest Heroes II” is set to release in its remastered version for the PlayStation 4 this April in North America and Europe. The latest “Dragon Quest” installment will be made available this year also on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS.

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