Titanfall 2 Content Update 2: Second Big Update With New Maps And Mode Coming Soon?

There is an upcoming Titanfall 2 content update that avid fans of the game can look forward to. This update was being prepared since the game was initially launched. Respawn Entertainment, the game developer has not issued any information about its release date yet. But it has provided some details about what fans can expect.

A New Game Mode Is Added

Some fans have been worried that the poor sales of the video game will reduce Respawn's support. But with this latest news about the Titanfall 2 content update, they should acquire a newfound confidence that the video game's existence and upgrades will continue. The big news about this update is the addition of a new game mode.

This new game mode is called Live Fire. It is a 6v6 Pilots-only game mode that runs quick and fast. This game mode doesn't have any respawns either therefore, when a player goes out of round for the first time, he goes down. The competing teams will battle for under a best of five rounds rule.

Two New Maps Are Included In The Titanfall 2 Content Update

In addition to the Live Fire game mode, the Titanfall 2 content update will include two new maps. These maps will be specifically used for this new game mode. These two maps are called Stacks and Meadow. They are tight and enclosed maps that are designed to suit the type of gameplay that Live Fire offers.

As it is the combat of Titanfall 2 is already fast and speedy. But Respawn appears to tweak the pace even more to satisfy the appetite of fans for fast action. These two maps of Titanfall 2 content update are specifically designed to suit close-quarter battles. They will satisfy gamers who relish this type of firefights.

But the Titanfall 2 content update is not stopping here. Respawn has also added a map called Columns. This is a new Coliseum map, but there are no details provided regarding this map as yet. A new execution that pilots can perform is also included plus some multiple Commander intros for every faction.

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