Gears Of War 4 News: Onyx Gold Pack Now Available, Here's What We Know

The Coalition wants the players to forget the controversial issue about the UIR Gear pack in Gears of War 4. The developer wants the players to continue their interest in the game that is why it added a new gear pack that is sure to make the game more exciting

Gears Of War 4 Has New Onyx Gold Gear Pack

It seems that The Coalition is not yet done updating Gears of War 4. After the recent updates with Title Update 3 and Season Air Pass, the latest pack will change the skins of the weapons of the players. According to Windows Report, the pack will have touches of black and gold.

The Onyx Gold Gear pack will add five new Swarm characters that are made with gold while their armors are Onyx Black. The new skins are 14 overall and the weapons will have a gold liquid effect that will create a scene whenever the players use their improved weapons.

Other than new skins and characters in Gears of War 4, the players will receive three cards in Onyx Gold Gear pack. The players are sure to receive one Epic card, one series 1 card and one series 2 card if they have decided to purchase the pack.

Other Information About Onyx Gold Gear Pack

As per Segment Next, Onyx Gold Gear pack will be up for grabs until Jan. 16. The players who want to update their characters in Gears of War 4 should buy the pack already but the gear pack costs about 2000 credits from the game and $4.99 in real money.

The players playing Gears of War 4 on Xbox One can purchase it in Xbox Live Marketplace. For the players using PC, they can purchase the gear pack in Windows Store. The good news for the "rich" players is that the pack can be bought several times.

The Coalition wants Gears of War 4 to provide better gameplay for the players because of what happened during the holidays. Hopefully, the latest update will bring excitement to the players and will be more interested in the game.

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