Everything You Need To Know About How And Why Climate Change Has Been The World’s Biggest Risk, According To A WEF Report

As climate change brings its unwanted impacts, a significant number of environmentalists say that the rise of machines or the advancement of technology for this matter is not the biggest threat that the world faces. It is in line with this that the World Economic Forum has recently revealed that an extreme weather condition and other environmental factors could potentially become the world's biggest threat this year and in the years to come.

Climate Change On Being The World's Biggest Risk

According to reports revealed by Climate Central, the data has been obtained after the World Economic Forum has allegedly surveyed almost 750 experts on what is the most likely and impactful risks that humanity will be facing in 2017. Consequently, their findings show that extreme weather was the number one risk and the second-most impactful, trailing only the use of weapons of mass destruction. Experts believe that climate change is to be considered responsible for being the cause of an increase in the likelihood and severity of extreme weather phenomenon, as well as the undeniable heat waves that are also rampant across the globe.

Furthermore, as per Business Standard, of the five most likely risks faced by the world, it was found that two are related to environmental concerns, one societal, another geopolitical, and one technological. Experts say that for three consecutive years now, extreme weather event has always been considered since the impacts of climate change are becoming clearer with each passing day as we continue to pour carbon pollution into our atmosphere at an unprecedented pace. Meanwhile, scientists have already warned about certain effects which range from an increased risk of drought and conflict, changes to animal migration patterns and in the case of extreme weather, the potential for massive human suffering after a storm. Ultimately, authorities have further revealed that investments will have to keep ramping up if the world is to meet its climate change goals which have allegedly been presented in the Paris Agreement.


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