More Than 600 Companies Worldwide To Convince Donald Trump That Climate Change Is Not A Hoax

Climate change has been one of the greatest disasters that are happening in the world right now. However, having the new United States president believe that climate change is just a hoax may not be easy for so many companies, scientists, environmentalists and the like.

Donald Trump Still Strongly Insists That Climate Change Is A Hoax

It cannot be denied that the new US President-elect Donald Trump has strongly disagreed on people claiming that the planet is deteriorating due to climate change. He strongly insists that this is merely a hoax and that it should not be addressed. However, there are over 600 companies that have signed an open letter to Donald Trump, convincing him that he should not worsen the state of the globe by abiding by the use of coal to produce energy. Instead, he should just follow the Paris Climate Agreement.

Businesses Sign Open Letter To Convince Trump In Investing On Low-Carbon Energy As Power Source

Businesses strongly insist that they want the United States to be powered by low-carbon energy, making it easier for them not to ruin its economy in the entirety. If not taken seriously and the climate change starts to grow effect on the world in bigger ways than they are now, it could just as easily be as the country's economy's self-destruction. There are many ways that climate change could affect the businesses in the country, and companies have been trying to open Trump's mind into it.

For one, if the climate change gets worse every day, it could cause a lot of natural disasters to occur, causing the destruction of infrastructures. This could cause the US millions of money in recovery. Another thing is that is Trump continues to insist on the refusal to invest in renewable energy and still using coal as the source of power, it will lead to many job losses. This is as opposed to Trump assuring that he will be offering more jobs to the country during his presidency, having been in the field of business as he claims. Thus, companies have been pushing Trump to abide by the investment of low-carbon energy.

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