Study Shows Eating Hot Pepper Linked To Living A Much Longer Life Than Anticipated

A recent study has been conducted showing results that link eating of hot peppers to living a longer and healthier life. Not just hot peppers to be exact, but any kind of spicy food is allegedly helping humans to live longer than expected.

Study Shows The Consumption Of Chilli Peppers Essential To A Longer Life

It has been previously studied over the years that peppers and spices have been a great contribution to curing diseases. However, in a study conducted in China back in 2015, it has been examined that chilli peppers are essential in reducing the mortality of a being. IN another study conducted which was just published recently, it corroborates to the findings that have been initially made a few years ago.

A survey has been conducted and data has been collected form the National Health and Nutritional Examination Survey with over 16,000 American participants. They have been studied thoroughly in the spa of 23 years, examined their characteristics according to their consumption of chilli peppers. Upon thorough examination and survey conducted, it has been confirmed that most of the consumers of hot peppers are the young adults as opposed to those of older age and even observed the number of deaths with the analysis of its causes.

Main Component Of Chilli Peppers: Capsaicin, Essential In Reducing Mortality

Medical representatives who have conducted the study could not decipher for sure the components of hot peppers that could most likely reduce mortality by 13 percent. However, it can be considered that one of its greatest factors is the presence of capsaicin, which is the primary component of the chilli peppers. Therefore, it may play a big part in its relationship with the Transient Receptor Potential channel which is its primary receptor. According to the study, capsaicin is believed to be prominent in the cellular mechanism that avoids and prevents obesity. Thus, it is highly indicated that the consumption of just enough hot peppers could make one healthier and live longer than expected.

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