Wikileaks Latest Updates: Is Julian Assange In Serious Danger?

WikiLeaks supporters are really concerned for Julian Assange´s well-being after the whistleblower organization posted a mysterious tweet in which it clarified that none of its employees were in danger of dying, which many considers as an ambiguous message with dangerous implications regarding. One of the most suggested is that someone could be targeting WikiLeaks´ staffs (including its leader) in order to attack them and make it look as an accidental death.

WikiLeaks Unleashed Several Conspiracy Theories

On its Twitter post, the pro-transparency organization stated "No present WikiLeaks staff, including our editor, have medical, psychological or drug conditions which could lead to sudden death." Naturally, this statement unleashed several conspiracy theories about what could have motivated this publication.

In fact, the post came one day after Julian Assange said that he was willing to turn himself to an extradition if the U.S. president Barack Obama agreed to grant clemency to Chelsea Manning, a former U.S. soldier which was jailed for proving classified documents to WikiLeaks, regarding the U.S. military involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq. However, even when it has been rumored that Obama could actually order Manning´s liberation, the White House recently told that this was not going to happen.

There´s No Official Reasons To Believe That Julian Assange Is In Danger

Of course, it is almost impossible to determine if WikiLeaks post is based on any real fear of danger for Julian Assange and its members, given the fact that there hasn't been any other information regarding this possibility. Actually, the non-profit organization was been criticized for feeding inaccurate suggestions and conspiracy theories regarding its leader´s death or WikiLeaks´ Twitter account sabotage´s, given the fact that when its supporters publish this kind of information, Julian Assange never confirms it or denies it.

Nevertheless, even when there are many people that believe that WikiLeaks actions are extremely paranoid, it´s a fact that the whistleblower organization has been in a delicate position under the spotlight for several years, getting to the peak of it since 2016 onwards, after its role in the U.S. presidential elections and the accusations of cooperating with the Kremlin. Despite WikiLeaks´ post, there´s no official or clear reasons to believe that Julian Assange´s life might be in danger.

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