Russian Hacking Also Compromised Trump; The President-Elect Could Be Out Of The White House

Russia Denies Having 'Perverted' Information on Donald Trump
Though top U.S. intelligence officials found them credible enough to present to the president-elect at a briefing, Russia has hit back against reports they have compromising information on Donald Trump. Photo : Inside Edition/YouTube

Yesterday, CNN and BuzzFeed News reported that the U.S. intelligence agencies unveiled a classified dossier in which it was revealed that the Russian hacking also harmed the president-elect Donald Trump, since the Kremlin may have stolen compromising information about him.

The document is a collection of memos that were written by a former MI6 agent over a period of months, including unverified and potentially unverifiable allegations regarding some activities made by the Republican. In fact, the report contains several errors that make it impossible to take it as a fact, considering that the information showed about the president-elect is highly controversial. Nevertheless, these are the data that the Russians have about Donald Trump according to the Dossier.

Trump´s Crazy Sex Parties In Moscow

One of the most damaging materials that the classified document showed, is the one regarding alleged sexual services and activities with prostitutes that were made by the president-elect in Moscow. Apparently, in one occasion he hired the presidential suite of Ritz Carlton Hotel, where he knew that President Barack Obama and his wife had stayed previously, and paid some prostitutes to urinate themselves in front of him.

Apparently, this particular information was made up by 4Chan users who eventually gave to the Republican consultant Rick Wilson, who eventually provided the information to the CIA. Nevertheless, even if this material is never confirmed and proved to be as fake as it seems, it represents a huge blow to Trump´s image, just a few days before he officially became the president of the U.S.

Members Of Trump´s Team Had Secret Meetings With Kremlin´s Officials

Another information that the dossier show was the alleged relationship between the Russian government and Donald Trump, which lasted for eight years and got to the point in which the president -elect apparently provided information to Russia regarding several business dealings of its richest citizens in the U.S.

However, the most harmful material suggest that some important members of Trump´s team as the former foreign affairs advisor Carter Page, former campaign manager Paul Manafort, and Trump´s lawyer Michael Cohen, held secret meeting with Kremlin´s officials, managing to build "a well-developed conspiracy of co-operation" with Vladimir Putin´s regime.

The Kremlin And Donald Trump Paid The DNC Hackers

Of every compromising information that the Russian´s allegedly have about president-elect Donald Trump, this is considered as one of the most delicate, since it reveals a supposed major involvement from the republican in the DNC and John Podesta´s email hack by Russian hackers.

Apparently, both the Russians and Donald Trump paid to these cyber criminals to made this operation against the Democrats in order to publish the information later and harmed Hillary Clinton´s image. All of this, with the intention of having more chances to get elected as the new chief of state.

In fact, the dossier explains that Trump´s lawyer Michael Cohen apparently had a meeting with some Kremlin interlocutors not only to discuss the operation but also "how deniable cash payments were made to hackers."

Although there are other compromising information as a supposed Trump´s business dealings in emerging markets as Russia or China, or an alleged agreed from Trump´s team to sideline Russia´s actions as a way of showing gratitude because of the leaks, the document is not only unconfirmed, but also has some clear errors that seriously damage its credibility.

However, if some of these information proves to be true, Donald Trump could probably get out of the White House, since he could suffer an impeachment whose consequences in the American political sphere could be unpredictable.

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