Here's How To Obtain The Dominator Greatsword In Final Fantasy XV

Legendary Weapons are among the nicest things in Final Fantasy XV. Heck, this is even the reason why fans love the game so much. But of course, like any other items or weapons, these can't simply be acquired without dedication and effort. This is most especially when talking about the Dominator Greatsword. Well, worry no more -- this guide will show you where to find this magnificent weapon.

Contrary to popular belief, the aforementioned sword in Final Fantasy XV isn't really a hard one to find. Nonetheless, it's important to understand that it's something that can't be acquired as a reward as per GearNuke. For instance, players complete a certain quest or challenge. Moreover, it can't be obtained in various dungeons (even the difficult ones).

In reality, the Dominator Greatsword is just lying on a floor of a particular place in Final Fantasy XV. And indeed, it's quite surprising for a weapon of this greatness. Remember: this one here is deemed as among the strongest weapons in the game. And yes, it's second to the Balmung Sword.

To acquire the sword in Final Fantasy XV, players are required to beat the game's main storyline. After doing so, they have to go straight to the Astor Slough -- particularly on the location's parking place. From there, simply start walking towards the North-West. Look for a small joint of buildings there. A so-called treasure marker is then expected to appear, signaling the very location of the aforesaid weapon.

It's worth noting that in the lore of Final Fantasy XV, the Dominator Greatsword is a unique weapon. That's because it's infused with the holy light, allowing it to slash through any daemons. Any opponent that fear anything that's sacred will really bow down to this weapon.

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