Pokemon Go Tips And Tricks: How Does The New Pause Trick Work?

After hanging out on one of Pokemon Go's Reddit forum called The Silph Road, it seems like there is a new trick discovered recently that is expected to be a great help for trainers during gym battles. The said method was identified as a pause trick and it is happens to be on the iOS version of the game.

According to the report from Otakukart, one trainer posted the newly discovered trick on the forum while he was battling gyms while in line for his morning coffee at a coffee shop. Apparently, all players are working so hard to find ways on how to make the game much easier while dominating from one another at the same time. One player identified as Gocougs191 needs to find a way to fasten the gym takedowns so that he can play the game while still in line for coffee.

The report mentioned that after they defeated an opponent, they should swipe up starting from the button to pop out the quick settings access window which consists of Brightness, airplane mode, Wifi and more. As a result, it will pause all of the interactions including the following defender being revealed and attacks by the defender. Meanwhile, it is worth noting that the timer is counting down on an active gym defender. Though they will not attack you, the timeout is still 99 seconds.

On the other hand, some players might not have tried it yet however, it does seem to work based on the comments. In addition, this gym will definitely help players on taking down gyms fast and easy. Players are recommended to give it a go since there are no reasons not to do it. For the meantime, there are no Android users who tried using this new trick. As a result, it is still unclear if the new pause trick is only exclusive to iOS version of Pokemon Go.


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