Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Rumors: Why The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Will Be A Big Hit

Right now, all eyes are still pointed towards the upcoming Galaxy S8 for the sole reason that it is coming sooner than the Galaxy Note 8. However, it's pretty hard to deny that the Note 8 is just as highly anticipated as the Galaxy S8. It's worth noting that despite the Note 7's controversial demise, fans are still awaiting its successor. This is highly forecasted by Note 7 owners' reluctance in returning their devices in spite of the recall, which actually forced Samsung to just kill unreturned Note 7 devices via an update. With that said, here are some of the rumors revolving around the Galaxy Note 8 and why it will be a big hit when it gets released.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Specs

As per Tech Times, the Galaxy Note 8 should still have a 5.7-inch display. However, the phone may be improved and be designed as a VR-ready handset sporting a 4K screen. As for the processor, there's good chance that the Galaxy Note 8 will sport Snapdragon's fastest chipset available. Combine this with 6 GB or 8 GB worth of RAM and fans can enjoy the premium phablet that the Note series has always been known for.

On top of these basic specs, the Galaxy Note 8 could still boast of added features like an iris scanner and a new AI assistant from Samsung. Tech Radar also says that the home button of the phablet might be removed. But if there's one thing that people expect from Samsung, it would probably be a non-exploding hardware. Hopefully, the company has already thought things through and be able to provide a thorough checking on the devices before releasing them into the wild.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8's Lack Of Direct Competition

Apart from the obvious high-end specs the Note 8 or the Note series has as a whole, one of the reasons why it will remain a big hit is the fact that it has no direct competition. There clearly isn't a lot of smartphones that offer a phablet-sized hardware, fully integrated stylus and a top notch set of specs. Sure people can buy a phablet even up to a 6-inch in size but they don't necessarily boast of high-end specs and most of the time, they don't come with a fully integrated stylus. You can also get a phone with a stylus but none of them comes with premium features. Additionally, you can always get a phone with top notch specs, in fact, the market has lots of it. However, none of them offer a high-quality stylus pairing. With that, it's safe to say that the Galaxy Note 8 will be just as well-embraced as most of its predecessors are despite the Note 7 drama that the market has seen last year.


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