Samsung's Latest Unsung Releases: Level Box Slim Speaker And Image Stamp Printer

Samsung made a killing at the recently-concluded CES 2017 with a spate of new products and innovations. Some, however, have been overshadowed.

At the tech tradeshow, the Korean conglomerate introduced a new and updated line of Notebook 9 laptops, a new smart fridge, and other smart home devices such as a home security system and a baby monitor.

Samsung also happens to have two other products that didn't get that much airtime but are equally impressive - the Level Box Slim speaker and the Image Stamp printer.

The two devices are actually accessories for Samsung mobile phones.

Level Box Slim Speaker

The latest Bluetooth speaker from the tech giant is more compact and more powerful than its predecessors.

It comes at a very portable 148.4 x 79 x 25.1mm size and doesn't need much muscle flexing to carry it as it only weighs 236 grams. For its size, the new Level Box speaker packs a punch. It has an 8W speaker which brings equally great audio indoors and outdoors. It also comes with a 2600mAh battery which gives up to 30 hours of music. With its powerful battery, the device can also act as a charger for other portable devices particularly smartphones and tablets.

The Level Box Slim speaker is water resistant (IPX7) so playing by the pool or under the rain is a possibility. It also has a microphone which is useful in fielding and answering calls without touching the phone.

Image Stamp Wireless Printer

The Image Stamp wireless printer allows users to quickly print photos taken with their smartphones. The process is made possible by WiFi or NFC.

Samsung's mobile printer requires 16:9 ratio which differs a lot from others' 3:2 ratio. This feature allows it to have "photos are printed exactly as they're presented on a user's screen".

The Image Stamp also allows the user to add details such as the photo's location by using a QR code.

The Level Box Slim speaker is currently available while the Image Stamp printer will drop in stores early this year.

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