Dishonored 2 News, Update: Upcoming Patch Will Make The Game Harder Than Before

Arkane Studios is not yet done with adding new updates in Dishonored 2. The developer will be releasing new gaming mode that will let the players decide how difficult the game will be. Also, an update for PC will be released.

Custom Difficulty Mode For Dishonored 2

The players are expecting to get another update for Dishonored 2 on Jan. 18. This update will let the players to custom the difficulty level in the game in Steam, according to One Angry Gamer. Bethesda said that players will get 20 different sliders.

The sliders will change how everything works in Dishonored 2. For example, they can change how a weapon's effect will last or how will it take effect like Sleep Darts. However, the players need to keep in mind that if they have decided to change the difficulty settings, there are consequences they will encounter.

Iron Man difficulty mode will also be part of the customization of difficulty level in Dishonored 2. This mode will let the players experience how hard it is not to manually save their progress. This means that once they have decided to do this, they cannot undo it.

Once the players have positive feedbacks for the new modes, Arkane Studios will make the two modes available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on Jan. 23. The developer is not yet sure if the players will embrace the update.

Game Update 2 Will Also Be Launched In Dishonored 2

Bethesda's global content lead, Gary Steinman, revealed that the Game Update 2 will be added in the game also on Jan. 18. The second update will bring major improvements in the game. The players are still waiting for the official features of the upcoming update.

Before, Arkane Studos released the first game update last month in Dishonored 2 . The update allowed the players to use Emily in their first try and if they have decided to choose Corvo in their second play using the new game+.

Arkane Studios want the players of Dishonored 2 to be interested in the game because of the negative feedbacks it received regarding the issues in the PC version. Hopefully, players will love what the updates will bring in the game.

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