Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Guide: Which Are The Most Popular MOBAs For PC Right Now?

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Guide: Which Are The Most Popular MOBAs For PC Right Now?
MOBAs have already gained popularity in the gaming community. Online sports gaming or eSports has been going on for quite some time now. Here are five of the most popular MOBAs of today. Photo : Zuulbar Zug/YouTube

You might have seen or heard of DOTA 2 being played in international eSports. This type of gaming has been gathering millions of followers around the world. It is one of the multiplayer online battle arenas that have caught the attention of die-hard lovers of video games. There are many MOBAs available today that are vying for your attention if you like this kind of gaming. Here is our take for the best MOBA games for PC right now that is worth your attention.

League Of Legends Is Good For Both Pros And Newbies

League of Legends is among the top MOBAs of today. This video game can be enjoyed by both veteran video gamers as well as those beginning their trek on this exciting online activity. It is primarily very enjoyable to play because you really don't require the skills of the pros to enjoy the game. Another thing that makes it good is its mixture of tower defense and real-time strategy with action role-playing.

DOTA 2 Is Preferred By Many Gamers Around The World

DOTA 2 always belongs to the top MOBAs in the world and is one of the most preferred online video games that PC gamers play. It has been competing head to head with League of Legends since the day it was launched. What makes it attractive to gamers is its huge competitive scene. It boasts of an International DOTA 2 Championships. In 2016, this online eSports became the largest-funded online event with more than $18 million in prize pool.

Heroes Of The Storm Is Also Making A Difference

Heroes of the Storm seems to be just like the usual PvP MOBA requiring 5 players on both competing teams. However it has some unique characteristics compared to the other MOBAs. In this video game, the competitive matches are shorter, all the maps have their own side objectives, and items were replaced with talents. The upgrades implemented to the game have made the gameplay more varied and intense.

Smite Is A Simple But Interesting Game To Play

Smite is a third-person action video game where you will manipulate different gods. It is an action-oriented gameplay with a simple plot. Smite will allow you to focus on your reflexes, mechanical skills and aiming. Because of its simple gameplay, it is an excellent game for controllers. This video game also receives regular updates from its developers and is very well supported, so glitches and bugs are not so much of a problem.

Paragon Is Great In Visuals Among Other Things

Paragon is another top MOBA of today. It attracted gamers around the world because of its stunning visuals and its gameplay. You can easily get the hang of it in just three to four hours of playing. But if you are a newbie to the game, you really had to read the instructions before you click on the switch. But for veteran gamers, the learning curve is not that steep. If you are looking for a different type of MOBA, you should try this one even if you have to do a lot of reading at first.

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