Final Fantasy XV Guide: You Should Visit These Exciting Places In FFXV To Enhance Your Gaming Experience

Final Fantasy XV Guide: You Should Visit These Exciting Places In FFXV To Enhance Your Gaming Experience
There are many places in Final Fantasy XV that you should visit. Most of them are patterned after the real world and they are incorporated in the game to enrich your gaming experience. Photo : Final Fantasy XV/YouTube

When you have reached the Duscae episode in Final Fantasy XV, you will have the confidence that you can take whatever the video game will put on your table. But don't be so sure because you will have to undertake a lot of chaotic road trips up ahead. There are many destinations offered by this game that you need to visit to improve your gaming experience. Here are some of these exciting places you need to see in this very popular video game.

Insomnia Is One Of The Place You Should Visit In Final Fantasy XV

Noctis, the main protagonist of Final Fantasy XV hails from Insomnia. It is the capital of Lucis. As such, it should be one of the places you should visit in this video game. In designing this place, the game developers copied some of the most notable features of the Shinjuku district in Tokyo, Japan. For instance, the citadel of the city was copied from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building. That building is near the headquarters of Square Enix, FFXV's game developer.

You Need To Go To Cape Caem

Cape Caem is one of the destinations that Final Fantasy XV offers to Noctis and his three comrades. It is an outpost on the very tip of a peninsula where you and your party has to visit. This place has a ship that you need to use on your trip to Altissia. Cape Caem has a lighthouse and an elevator that will take you to a hidden dock where the ship of King Regis is stored. You can also go to the run-down house in this place to rest without paying anything. For food, you can scrounge from some of the produce in the nearby vegetable garden.

The Galdin Quay Is Also A Good Place To Go

You also need to go to the Galdin Quay in Final Fantasy XV to improve your gaming experience. This place has a Caribbean-like atmosphere with its palm trees, the blue sea surrounding the area and its resort. Galdi Quay will provide Noctis and his friends their needed R and R from the heavy action required in fulfilling their mission. In this resort, the characters will be enjoying some precious resting moments before they turn once again to their most arduous adventures.

You Need To Go To The Venician-Like Altissia In Final Fantasy XV

 Altissia is a place designed like the city of Venice in Italy. This place in Final Fantasy XV also has beautiful gondolas floating on its meandering water channels. Like the famous city, Altissia has restaurants, markets, café and a beautiful park you can explore. There are unique characters roaming the streets. This can provide you with a lot of interaction as you walk through the streets. You need to visit this place because it captures the fascinating side of the video game.

Visit Lestallum And You'll Be Reminded Of Cuba

The game developers of Final Fantasy XV were inspired by real places in this world. They designed and created the open world of this video game from the real places we see in this planet. One of them is Lestallum which will remind you of Cuba. But since this is a video game, Lestallum has a very unique story. The place's owes its prosperous nature from a meteor's energy. It is just like our urban cities where there are buildings, people and traffic on the streets.

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