UFO Sightings: Bright Orb UFO Seen In Illinois

A strange UFO sighting was reported from over Lake County, Illinois. According to an eyewitness account, a UFO which appeared like a bright light was seen hovering on the night sky. It broke apart into five distinct orb before reassembling into a big ship. Previously there were reports of bizarre UFOs such us dark triangle UFOs, angel-like flying objects and more. However, alien ships which breaks apart and reassembles on the sky are rare to be seen. Alien hunters believe it is no ordinary light or star.

In a report in the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), the witness described that he saw a bright glowing light. He added that he initially thought it was a bright planet but then, it started moving to his right and it was too large to be a satellite.  The witness provided a video of the alleged UFO from a distance.  

He also said that he continued watching the object from his zoomed camera when it broke apart into five orbs, and then reassembled again into one giant orb. "I then noticed an orb by it detach itself and then sporadically went left of the orb and then vanished. The object was in my sight for about two hours and then slowly vanished behind the treeline of my house," the witness said according to Openminds.tv.

James Wolford, state section director at MUFON who investigated the case said the UFO sighting was considered as an unnatural phenomenon. "The complex structure and behavior of the object rules out natural phenomena," Wolford said. He added that the technology used in the orb might be something more advanced than man-made construction.

UFO hunters believed that the orb ship is controlled by extraterrestrial beings. However, some netizens are claiming their doubts on the alleged UFO sighting. Some are saying it might be drones or new technologies being tested and caught in camera.

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