Pokemon Sun And Moon: Tsareena Guide, Moveset, Details Inside

Beware of this harmless looking Pokemon as she enters her way to the battle. She looks calm and collected but is very vicious once provoke. Her name is Tsareena, the high-class grass Pokemon.

Any trainer and Pokemon in the right mind should think twice before they try to piss off this novel Pokemon. Tsareena is one of a kind, to say the least. She is regarded as having the high-class nobility. The one thing that this Pokemon has is the ability to intimidate both Pokemon and trainer. Her evil glare should not be taken for granted especially when its trainer is not making the right move.

The evolution of this enchanted Pokemon is very critical not all Steenee can and will evolve as Tsareena. Only the strongest of their kind has the free will to evolve. Once identified, Steenee needs blessings from another Steenee. Her final form as considered by many is gracious at the same time deadly. She has an awesome skillset that is literally different from any other Pokemon in the land.

Tsareena’s moveset is very simple yet effective. It consists of a vicious attack and a steady defense base. Here’s some of her moves that Pokemon trainer should check.

Leaf Guard

The first ability of Tsareena. Very simple yet very effective to use. What it does is, it will “cast” a spell that will prevent status in a sunny weather. With this ability, Tsareena has full control on the battleground. Trainers need to master using the right kind of combos in order to defeat their opponents.

Queenly Majesty

Literally, a skill or ability that intimidates an opponent to a point where they can’t make any single move. Once Tsareena used this move, it pressures her enemy in either creating a mistake on not doing anything at all. Some experts suggest that this move should only be used in critical conditions, while other suggest to use it in the middle of the battle.

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