Gigantic Alligator Found Along A Reserve In Florida

A gigantic alligator turned heads when found strolling along a reserve in central Florida. In a video taken Sunday afternoon at the Circle B Bar Reserve in Lakeland, a huge alligator appears out of some bush and slowly walks across a patch of grass. Bystanders also took pictures and videos of the remarkable reptile passing through.

Polk County resident Kim Joiner wrote that she loves Circle B, when she was posting the video online. The posted video of the gigantic alligator was shared 20,000 times on Monday afternoon. Some Facebook comments say that the gator is nicknamed as "Humpback" considering his large and curved back.

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, the state record for length was a 14 foot 3 1/2 inch male at Lake Washington in Brevard County. While the heaviest weight of an alligator record in Florida is a 1,043 pound male at Orange Lake in Alachua County. Also last year a gigantic alligator caught the spotlight while wandering around the Buffalo Creek Golf Course in Palmetto on Florida's Gulf coast.

According to the ABC, last year 14 to 15- foot alligator drew comparison to a dinosaur after it was seen passing by a golf course in Palmetto, Florida. And according to the Fox News, this gigantic alligator was not the first one to hit headlines in Florida. Last Year, a hunter in the Sunshine State nabbed a 13-and-half-foot alligator.

The Circle B Bar Reserve in Lakeland is a very interesting place to visit said from a review on its Facebook Page written by its visitors. Another visitor said in a review on its Facebook page that the reserve is amazing and it is a good place to go back several times. People are expected to see wild animals roaming around, not just gators, but also wild birds and other wild animals. There could be more spotting of gigantic alligators in the future.

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