Pokemon Sun And Moon: Unstoppable Rain Dance Team

Arguably the greatest rain dance team in Pokemon Sun and Moon right now, Aranquanid and Pelipper do have chemistry on the battle ground. Their skills compliment each other and the great thing about it is, they look seamless in doing it. Photo : Verlisify / YouTube

Pokemon Sun and Moon is not just about individual stats or goals. Playing this game lets you team up with other Pokemon. However, it is a must for you to identify which Pokemon has the best chemistry in the game.

A lot of players were very excited when the developer of Pokemon Sun and Moon added numerous characters that will beef up their game. Each and every type of Pokemon did receive some upgrades with regards to their character. There are still players that were not impressed with those additions but most of them were very satisfied.

In creating a team, first, make sure that you have a goal and a plan. Creating the best team in Pokemon Sun and Moon should not only rely on stats alone. Players should check out as well some of the passive attacks of their character and the history of the Pokemon. The last generation that was showcased(generations 6), provided a glimpse on what team will standout basing on the availability of the Pokemon.

As reported, Fire Type and Ghost Type Pokemon are on top of the list with regards to creating a super team in Pokemon. However, a YouTuber was able to show that they can create a super team using a weather/rain dance team. At first it looks silly since we all know that their attack is not that good. But when this YouTuber showed it in his video, Rain Dance Team seems unstoppable.

Aranquanid And Pelipper

I know that I’m raising a lot of eyebrows right now with regards to this combination. However, let us check it out first. As mentioned, Verlisify(YouTuber), was able to break it down properly and to tell you honestly, I might use this combination moving forward. Believe it or not, he was able to utilized Pelipper as a tank and not Aranquanid. 

Why These Two Pokemon Compliments Each Other

In order for us to fully understand why this combination is deadly, we have to check each and every stats of both Pokemon. First Aranquanid. Why Aranquanid? Very simple, this Pokemon is ideal in any battleground because it is a hard hitter. Aranquanid can do double damage as well. Although its hp and speed is not the best in the game, it is still very decent for it to block or resist any attacks.

Pelipper. Yup, the big beak harmless looking Pokemon can be deadly if used properly. Pelipper’s complete skillset is very alluring to see. First, he sets it up with tailwind, then uses its very reliable drizzle. Once its completed, he needs to acquire water bubble. Pelipper will then “surf” and then, the rest is history. As show on the video, Pelipper’s surf can defeat two Pokemon in one shot.
Of course, this will be effective if the steps are followed correctly.

The win-lose ratio using this combination is amazing. They can take every hit but will hit harder in return. Check out the full video below and enjoy this epic team of Aranquanid And Pelipper.

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