NES Classic Edition Re-stocked In Target, Nintendo Switch Already Sold Out At GameStop And Other Retail Stores

Nintendo is in the news lately mostly because of the recently announced Nintendo Switch. But that is not the only newsworthy thing about the Japanese gaming company.

NES Classic Edition Stocks

Sightings of the NES Classic Edition have been sporadic at best but it seems to have quite a grasp on some people.

The latest about the miniature console is that stocks were made available at Target stores. The stocks became available Monday morning and were quickly scooped up. A certain happy customer got the NES Classic with the help of BrickSeek. The customer chanced upon one unit at the Target store in Hanover, NJ after seeing it on the BrickSeek.

The newfound interest in the retro console may be attributed to a couple of news recently. One of the latest news about the NES Classic Edition was the secret message that the Hanafuda Captain left for hackers to find. The other was about the possibility of hacking the NES Classic to add more games to its 30-game library.

Nintendo Switch Sold Out

Despite the pronouncement of the Nintendo of America chief that the Nintendo Switch will not go the way of the mini NES, there are already reports that some retail stores have sold out their stocks.

Per Polygon, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime committed a total of 2 million units on the day of its launch which is set on Mar. 3. This early, however, the stocks at GameStop have all been accounted for. The video game retail store made the official announcement last Sunday.

As reported, GameStop is not the only retail store to no longer offer the Switch. Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Toys R Us, and Walmart have all ceased offering the hybrid console just three days after pre-orders started. They, however, have not sent word yet if their stocks have indeed been sold out already.

It is not known how many units each of the retail stores got but GameStop, on its part, is already coordinating with Nintendo on getting more Switch devices.

With pre-orders in retail stores on a standstill, eBay has taken up the cudgels by offering the Nintendo Switch for pre-ordering. The catch? One unit of the Switch would cost $405, $100 more than the retail price.

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