'Gaydar' Sense Is Real, Scientists Explain How It Works

For decades people believe that having a good 'gaydar' sense is a gift or a unique talent. It enables a person to quickly make the conclusion whether someone is gay or not. Scientist claim that it is real, however it is not like what we thought it to be. 

Gaydar is the intuition to conclusively tell if someone is gay or straight by using non-verbal cues such as the way the person dresses, speaks, and moves. If you have a good gaydar, you can easily and quickly identify somebody's sexual orientation without asking any questions related to sexuality. In today's world, it is a practical ability which can spare you the pain of falling in love with someone, among other things, who turns out to be romantically and sexually unavailable to you. 

Gaydar sense, according to skeptics, are just a set of stereotypes about gay people that are largely untrue. Canadian psychologist Nicholas Rule studies intuition that people use everyday. To test the validity of gaydar, he launched a series of experiments that tested people's abilities to make snap judgments about other people's sexual orientation, the Youth Ki Awaaz says. 

It turns out that gaydar is real. In the experiment, Rule discovered four subtle cues to sexual orientation. He labels them the four A's--- appearance, adornment, acoustics, and action.  

He stresses that all these four should be carefully observed and evaluated in order to make a sound gaydar conclusion. For example, in adornment, the way homosexuals dress tend to be meticulous compared to heterosexuals, but other non homosexuals also tend to do the same. In acoustics, people assume that people who talk with a lisp are homosexuals, but there are also a lot of misattributions in this area, the Psychology Today says. 

In action, the study finds that people easily and correctly judge gays by the way they walk---gay men tend to swing their hips, while lesbians tend to swagger their shoulders. Finally in appearance, people make more correct guesses of sexual orientation if they are given shorter time to look at the faces. To sum up, gaydar sense is basically intuition that proves effective when done with less conscious attention. 

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