Why Nokia Will Finally Succeed With The Nokia 6

At the recently concluded and highly successful CES 2017, not a few people were rooting for Nokia to finally break out of its decade-long spunk and come up with a device that would finally put it back on the map.

Nokia came up with the Nokia 6.

The Nokia 6 is a great smartphone which has the potential to turn the tides for the struggling company. But as Slash Gear pointed out, the Nokia 6 is not entirely a Nokia product. It is licensed by HMD Global Oy and manufactured by Foxconn FIH Mobile, according to a CNET report.

There are a number of reasons why some quarters believe the Nokia 6 will be successful. Here are some of them:


The design of the Nokia 6 is, simply put, beautiful. It is one device that people would want just because it looks good especially for those who believe in the adage, "that the simpler, the better".


When Microsoft bought the licensing right of Nokia for a ten-year period, both companies did not expect their Lumia smartphones to be such a dud. Five years into the contract and Microsoft has given up completely. Nokia has not set its sights on being an Android phone and the Nokia 6 is its first of hopefully many. The shift to Android will benefit Nokia immensely. But how soon it does will be the question as the Nokia 6 will only be made available in China where Google Play services are not allowed.

Dual Speakers

The Nokia 6 sports a two-speaker system that utilizes an "intelligent power amplifier chip" and bursts out clear sounds from the front and back of the device. Using Dolby Atmos tech just makes it even better.

Fingerprint Scanners

While the Nokia 6 isn't on the level of high-end smartphones, it does borrow one distinct feature that is not common within its price range - a fingerprint scanner.


Nokia has plans to spend as much as $500 million in the next three years just on marketing. The plan starts with the Nokia 6 which they intend to market extensively in China before moving on to the rest of the world as expected. That much amount may go a long way in bringing back some of the respectability that the company lost when it stubbornly disregarded the changing of the times.


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