Nokia 8 In The Offing? Qualcomm Denies Leaking Follow-Up To Fast-Rising Nokia 6

Back at the CES 2017 held in the first week of January, Qualcomm supposedly revealed a Nokia device that has yet to be announced.

Nokia itself was highlighting its first-ever Android phone in the Nokia 6 but Qualcomm inadvertently ruined the surprise for Nokia fans. The American telecommunications equipment manufacturer was showing the difference between two of its products using the yet-to-be-revealed Nokia 8.

The video below was taken by Total Tech at the Qualcomm booth at the CES tech trade show. It clearly shows two smartphones side by side and connected to some sort of device under the stand. As the stand vibrates, one of the phones' screen is also vibrating while the other remains stable.

Qualcomm was actually trying to show the difference between its Snapdragon 821 and Snapdragon 835, particularly the 835 processor's real-time image stabilization. The person behind the camera loudly states that the phones are actually a pair of Nokia 8 phones or what is also referred to as the Nokia Supreme.

Qualcomm has gone on record to deny the rumors and expressed that the company is not in the habit of disclosing "details of our reference design". In an email sent to Nokiamob by Catherine Baker, Qualcomm's Senior Manager of Public Relations, Qualcomm clearly states that the reports are "not accurate". Qualcomm also stated that the Snapdragon 835 tests were conducted using its own reference design. The company went on to say that it uses its own reference design devices in its demos every year.

The man behind Total tech, however, stands by what he reported. He insists that a staff member at the exhibit told him that the reference hardware was manufactured for Qualcomm by Nokia.

With Nokia 8 rumors clipped in the wings, the focus falls back on the current handset that Nokia will soon release in China. The Nokia 6 is the follow up to HMD and Nokia's recent releases, the Nokia 150 and 150 Dual Sim.

According to PC Advisor, the Nokia 6 will be officially introduced at the Mobile World Congress this February.

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