Use DJI Goggles With The Mavic Pro Drone For A More High-tech Flying

The Mavic Pro drone is one amazing drone as it is. Nevertheless, you can make your Mavic Pro experience even more fun by using the DJI Goggles that the company introduced alongside the drone. It is basically a video wearable that would make your drone flying feel more high-tech than ever.

DJI Goggles And Mavic Pro

The DJI Goggles is a pair of goggles that pretty much resembles a VR gaming headset. As per Tech Crunch, it is designed to give drone flyers a first-person view of what the drone camera sees as it flies. This wearable uses the OcuSync technology to transfer the video from the camera to the headset display, and one of the best things about DJI Goggles and the DJI Mavic Pro is that you can sync two headsets to just one drone. Meaning, two people can experience first-hand viewing of what your Mavic Pro sees in real time. Check out DJI's website for more information about the DJI Goggles and DJI Mavic Pro.

Buy Mavic Pro Now

If you are in the market for a good drone right now, the DJI Mavic Pro is clearly one of the best products on the market. It may have been criticized for some delivery issues but it still doesn't remove the fact that it is an amazing drone. In fact, the main reason why it has shipment problems is probably the fact that there is a very high demand for it.

If you want to get the Mavic Pro right now, know that DJI now offers a five to seven days delivery if you order from their website. Other retailers are still stuck in a one or two month shipment period while DJI offers a fast delivery schedule. So if you're ready to fly a drone, get the DJI Mavic Pro for at least $999 and get started.

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