Overwatch: Top 5 Heroes That Need To Be Buffed In The Current Meta

In the Overwatch PTR, a couple of heroes are currently being tweaked to make them more viable in the competitive game. But sadly, for the most part, there are some heroes that have been taken for granted and have been left behind in the current meta. So to make Overwatch even more balanced, we've made a list on the Top 5 Heroes that need to be buffed in order to create a healthier competition and paved the way to a far more diverse strategies and team compositions.


For those that usually play with Widowmaker, you're probably familiar with the hate train that you constantly received unless you proved all of your teammates wrong. But nonetheless, this hero definitely needs some buff considering that she is now one of the least picks especially with the current trend of triple tank meta.


It's safe to say that Torb needs some buff especially with his Turrets which can be easily destroyed by enemy players. Torb excels on Defend maps but it seems that he's not putting that much juice to be able to be called a powerhouse on Defend maps. Blizzard may somehow improve the health or even the damage of his Turrets to make this hero deadlier in certain situations.


Mercy is really hard to play considering that most of the enemy DPS will turtle on you all day long. Despite having a relatively nice gun, Mercy doesn't have a reliable escape mechanism which makes her highly susceptible for flanks and ganks. But since the hero should work this way (full time healer), a potential buff on her may be an increase of the Radius on her ultimate ability.


Blizzard is starting to realize that Sombra definitely needs a buff albeit the initial hype on the hero and most of the players deemed her overpowered, it turns out that the Mexican hacker couldn't find its way into the top competitive ladder despite its game breaking EMP. Since there are a lot of ways to buff Sombra, we will leave the suggestion box to you with regards to this hero.


As the current meta stands, the triple tank composition is by far the most widely used and highly successful team compositions. Although we can definitely agree that there are things to be done to promote a healthier and more diverse team compositions, it's safe to say that Winston is constantly left out of the meta. Although Winston has its own strengths, the hero fails to deliver as much as his fellow tanks can offer which makes him the least pick tanks in the game. A decrease on the hero's Jump Pack may be enough to make him a threat in the competitive ladder.

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