Overwatch Fans Celebrate New Year With D.Va As Fireworks [Video]

Overwatch has seen a stellar success for the year 2016, pleasing the entirety of its fans for all of its updates and surprises. And to celebrate the great year of prosperity and embrace the upcoming 2017, fans pulled off a surreal display of fireworks with the use of a couple of D.Vas.

Overwatch Welcomes 2017 With A Blast!

The Singaporean Overwatch community welcomed 2017 with a blast as they pulled off an amazing firework display with the use of several D.Vas using the game's Arcade mode: No Limits. As shown in the video down below, both teams played five D.Vas stacks and set off their ultimates simultaneously mid-air - and the result is surreal Fireworks display!

Meanwhile, as we embrace New Year, fans from Reddit have come up with amazing ideas for the supposed upcoming April Fools' event. Here's a list to some of them:

Swapping Roadhog and Widowmaker's hooks without any sort of explanation
Swapping Reinhardt and Torbjorn's hammers without any sort of explanation
"Fixing" Roadhog's hook without any sort of explanation

The Overwatch community is sure full of people with peculiar humor - to which Jeff Kaplan highlighted during the Game Awards 2016.

In other news, Jeff Kaplan has opened up several new features and contents that will come early in Overwatch. According to the game director, we will expect the early release of Oasis map as well as some key balance changes. We can also expect the release of Mei's new legendary skin in January - which was the result of poor reception from the community.

Kaplan also hinted that we will be getting a new hero soon as the game director revealed that they are working on several heroes. He even stated that they're pretty much confident on one hero and that it'll be released, hopefully, this year. (Doomfist is that you?)

Overall, it seems that fans can expect a lot of surprises in 2017 as it appears that the hype train isn't slowing down any time soon. What are you most excited at for the upcoming updates? Share your thoughts in the comments down below!

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