Stardew Valley News, Update: Upcoming Patch To Fix Issues On Saving Is On The Way

Stardew Valley fans using Xbox One have been commenting that they have trouble with saving their progress in the game. But there is an upcoming patch that will be released soon. The patch will be

The Upcoming Patch Of Stardew Valley

Xbox One users have been experiencing errors in saving files in Stardew Valley. Not only does it prevents the players in saving the files but also it corrupts the previously saved file, according to Game Zone. The concerned players have been contacting ConcerenedApe if the company has any plans in fixing the bugs.

The good news is that ConcernedApe is planning to release a new patch for Xbox One users. The users are happy with the response of the developer because they are bothered with the progress that they cannot save in order to ensure that they will not

Hopefully, the latest patch of Stardew Valley will finally solve the problem that the XB1 players have been encountering. ConcernedApe is not sure if the bug affecting the files of the consoles are affecting the users of PS4 and PC.

What Are The Other Affected Areas In Stardew Valley?

If the XB1 users have been experiencing corrupt files, there are other problems found in the game. As per True Achievements, the bug is also affecting when the game crashes because the players are talking to Gunther.

Next, the bug is also responsible for invisible objects in Stardew Valley. The game crashes when the players are harvesting certain crops. Also, the players are experiencing problems whenever they visit certain locations in the map. Lastly, unknown issues in the game are unsolved.

ConcernedApe is determined to fix Stardew Valley because a lot of players are enjoying the farm life. Hopefully, the patch will be released sooner than they expect. Lucky for the developer that their fans remain calm despite the bugs present in the game.

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