An April Fools-Inspired Mode Is What Overwatch Needs Now

There's no doubt that Overwatch has one of the liveliest and funniest community in the industry. Players share everything from memes to highlight videos to whatever sort of things their minds could ever think of. In short, Blizzard has a cool fandom to take care of. And yes, this suggestion of an April Fools-inspired mode is evidence to that.

On the official sub-Reddit of Overwatch, user TheFunnySmiley came up with a very interesting idea for the game. It's basically a mode that, in one way or another, changes the whole meta of the game. Why? That's because this is all about the heroes having the capability of changing their ultimates or unique skills. Now, that's an idea worth adding later on say on April Fools' Day.

This Overwatch mode works something like this: McCree gets to use Mei's Blizzard; Roadhog has the ability to resurrect allies thanks to Mercy's ultimate. Or perhaps, Soldier: 76: can use Genji's Dragon Blade skill. The list could go on and on, but the idea is pretty simple. And yes, this is definitely worth it on April. But of course, this is still an idea -- one that's yet to tickle the very minds of Blizzard's developers.

The April Fools-inspired mode in Overwatch is really to be expected from the community. After all, players love to make fun (on a positive note) of the game. Heck, they even liked the idea of Tracer being a gay. So, in a sense, this fan-made mode is just a result of a never-ending interest from the fanbase.

As of this writing, no event or update of sort is deemed possible in April Fools' Day for Overwatch. Blizzard, in particular, has yet to announce an official statement about this time of the month. Nonetheless, an event is very likely to happen.

What are your thoughts on the aforementioned April Fools-inspired Overwatch mode? What expectations do you have for the game on that day? Let us know what you're thinking at the comment section below!

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