Here Are All The Cool Stuff The Latest GTA 5 Update Brought

GTA 5 has been here for more than three years, and yet, its popularity continues to bloom. Well, this is thanks to Rockstar being active on making the game a little bit more interesting with each update. And today, that continues to go on. That's because a couple of new things have arrived to hit crime-themed title. Here they are in a nutshell!

According to GameSpot, the studio has just recently revealed the arrival of a new GTA 5 mode. It's called Collection Time (an Adversary mode, in particular) in which teams are composed of two to four members. The goal is to fight, steal and hold the most possible points with a time period.

In the aforementioned GTA 5 mode, players begin with one point each. This basically comes in the form of a money bag. Whenever one is killed, this bag eventually drops and becomes a loot. Hence anyone can pick it up at will. Substantially, the team with the most points or bags at the end of the matches is deemed winner.

It's worth noting that the latest GTA 5 update isn't just about the aforesaid Adversary mode. A new vehicle in the form of the Dewbauchee Spectre has also been released. It's a two-door coupe, which is lightweight but highly customizable. Benny's Shop is currently offering a 25 percent off on any upgrades, though this is expected to end come January 30.

Moreover, Rockstar has a couple of offers to GTA 5 players. One is the fact that the in-game currency (GTA$) has been doubled as well as the RP. The latter is for those with Online Biker Clubhouse Contracts and Special Vehicle Work. This offer will end the same with the one mentioned above. The following items, on the other hand, have 25 percent mark down: Benny's Upgrades, Executive Custom Auto Shop Renovations, Executive Garage Renovations, Biker Business Properties and All Import/Export Tattoos.

What are your thoughts on the latest GTA 5 update? Do you like the new Adversary mode Rockstar introduced? How about the bunch of discounts and the new vehicle? Share us what your thoughts are at the comment section below!

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