Samsung Galaxy S8: What To Expect? To Feature S-Pen, April Release Date

For the past two years, people have constantly been labeling Samsung's Galaxy S-series as the best smartphone out there. It was doing impressively well until the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, but the company will be going all out in delivering a quality and impressive smartphone this year in order to reverse its fortunes and lift its failing reputation.

S8 and S8 Plus coming this year

According to reports, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus will be announced in early 2017. Here are some of the facts you need to know, speculating on the Samsung S8 official release date, price, and specifications.

Major changes with the S-series

With speculation saying Samsung will be making standard the dual curved-edge screen that was previously used only for its edge models, it is unlikely that the company will continue to distinguish between its Galaxy S-series models in this regard. Since the key differences will depend on the size, battery capacity and potentially the power of its camera, many experts think that Samsung might choose to follow the Apple way of things and call what would be the Galaxy S8 edge as the Galaxy S8 Plus.

Supporting this theory

This theory has been reinforced by a recent report in the Korean Herald, which claims that Samsung has hinted at removing the standard flat-screen version and replacing it with the brand-new edge model. Now that decision appears to have been finalized, some new reports from the same publication are already saying that the company is sourcing either 5.1- or 5.5in dual-edge screens.

Other news with the S8

In other latest updates, some found new photos have suggested that the Galaxy S8 will come with an S Pen stylus. This rumored S-Pen will help boost the phone's features and will be making it a lot more versatile than it already is.

More news about the S8 coming soon.

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