Galaxy Note 8 Update: Samsung Doing Everything To Avoid 'Note 7' Failure In Next Phone

Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 was no doubt a fantastic phone, up until the battery issues ultimately destroyed its reputation and left it with a legacy of being a dangerously explosive phone that even got banned from every commercial flight.

With that major issue, a lot of people expected the Note lineup to die along with the Note 7, but as reports have confirmed, it is still living on, reborn from the ashes of its Note 7 failure. Right now, here are some details that we know so far about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Release date

As per reports, Samsung has pretty much confirmed the upcoming release of a Note 8 after it announced an upgrade scheme in South Korea following the Note 7 issue. The scheme will allow anyone who previously bought a Note 7 to get a Galaxy S7 or S7 edge for half the price, after which they would then be able to upgrade to the S8 or Note 8 when it will be released in 2017.


As of now, rumors are scarce and differing when it comes to the Note 8's design. But we are certain that it wouldn't stray too much from what the Note 7 delivered, though it wouldn't be a surprise to see the bezels reduced.

The Galaxy S8 is said to be ditching out the physical home button along with the headphone jack. If this is going to be the case, expect the Note 8 to do just the same, meaning the fingerprint scanner could be built into the display.


The Samsung Galaxy Note series is well-known for its large display, so it's already a given that the Note 8 will also feature a big screen. Traditionally, this has been 5.7-inches, at least since the Note 3, though the S8 Plus is rumored to be to increasing to 6.2-inches without any significant change in body dimensions so perhaps the Note 8 will also do the same.

Samsung making things sure

With everything being said, it seems like Samsung is truly determined to not mess up this time. With the amount of drama that they endured last year, they will really make sure that the Note 8 will not end up in the same fashion as the Note 7.

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