Atari Follows NES Classic Footsteps, Set For February Return With Wrist Wearable GameBand

The retro trend continues.

After Nintendo brought back the NES and FamiCom back to life in the form of the NES Classic Edition and the FamiCom Mini, gaming icon Atari is set to follow suit this year.

Wearable tech maker GameBand released a teaser saying that a "brand new gaming hardware" is coming soon. GameBand also encouraged everyone to sign up to their website so they would be the first to know of its upcoming surprise.

The teaser also contains an image of two raised fists with the wrists showing. On each wrist there's a drawing, one with a tree and the other with the classic Atari logo.

With the teaser, it is no longer a surprise that Atari Interactive is planning something with the help of GameBand. What remains a mystery is how Atari will reintroduce itself after years of being away from the limelight.

GameBand, as Hot Hardware points out, is a wearable device that only has "Minecraft" as its playable game. I other words, it was created with "Minecraft" diehards in mind. If the rumors stemming from the teaser will prove true, GameBand will soon have support for classic Atari games. While the thought of recreating Atari consoles are exciting, there is a slim chance that this would bear fruit especially considering its supposed partnership with GameBand which has not done anything along this line.

But as rumors go, nothing is set in stone. Over at the Atari Age Facebook group, fans have begun speculating what the GameBand-Atari partnership would lead to. One of the most popular guesses is that the two are planning on developing a new Game Watch, a GameBand version supposedly designed by Matter.

Another speculation is that a major announcement will be made on Feb. 1. Atari fans and tech followers may want to sign up to the Gameband website and even ask to become a member of the Atari Age Facebook group to stay up-to-date.

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