Overwatch: Jeff Kaplan Explains Why They Are Not Buffing Sombra And Why Console PTR Isn't Possible

The Overwatch PTR has seen its first major update for 2017 following the change on Roadhog's hook and the hero balancing update that has seen the nerf of prominent heroes in the current meta including D.Va and Ana. Today, Jeff Kaplan explained the reasoning behind the current changes, how the PTR works and why the console PTR won't be possible.

Overwatch: Jeff Kaplan On PTR

On the latest Overwatch developer update, Jeff has stated the use of the Public Test Region/Realm (PTR) and its actual purpose. While the server is in fact a place where players can experience the upcoming changes first-hand and deliver feedbacks, the PTR also serve as a way for developers to iron out the bugs, glitches, etc. and make the final touches to the changes prior to its release on the live version.

Overwatch: Jeff Kaplan On Console PTR

A console PTR won't be possible simply because Blizzard has no direct control over the network systems and even the community of the PS4 and Xbox One platforms. As of the moment, Jeff has not yet announced for any plans of creating a console PTR.

Overwatch: Jeff Kaplan On Sombra

Jeff has clearly stated that Sombra shouldn't be viewed as a "vicious assassin." Instead, the Mexican hacker should be played as a "backline disruptor" that is leaning closely to a support role, terrorizing the enemy lines and creating nuisance across the battlefield. Lastly, Jeff hinted that while there will be an update to come before the end of the month, Blizzard isn't planning on buffing Sombra anytime soon (as far as her damage goes).

The entirety of the developer update can be seen in the video down below. The game director also stated that they're still currently tweaking Roadhog to make his hook even more viable and more competitive to play with and against with. As for D.Va, we might be seeing another nerf on our favorite tank as she's still viewed as a very strong tank in the current meta.

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