Gravity Rush 2 Guide: How To Power Up Your Fighting Skills In Three Ways

Gravity Rush 2 Guide: How You Can Power Up Your Fighting Skills In Three Ways
This Gravity Rush 2 guide will show you three ways you can power up your fighting skills so you can increase your chances of defeating your enemies. Photo : PlayStation/YouTube

As in almost all video games, you also need to power up in Gravity Rush 2 because it will unlock new abilities for Kat, the game's main protagonist. If you continuously power up, additional abilities will be acquired by Kat. That means your chances of overcoming your enemies in the game will significantly increase.

If you want to win in Gravity Rush 2, you need to know the tricks of powering up. There are many areas in this video game where you can power up. In this article, we will concentrate on powering up your fighting skills. Since you will be facing a lot of enemies in this video game, you need to develop your fighting skills fast so you can overcome them rather than them overcoming you.

How Does Power Up Work In Gravity Rush 2

You can access the Power Up menu in Gravity Rush 2 by pressing Options and then scrolling down to the Power Up button. To open up the Power Up window, just press X. You will be given six Power Up categories. They are Special Attacks, Gravity Slide, Evasion, Stassis Field, Gravity Kick and Fighting Skill. We are focusing this guide on Fighting Skills since you will be fighting enemies most of the time. If you choose this category, you will be presented with another window.

You Need To Power Up Kat's Stronger Combo Attack

Your first objective in Gravity Rush 2 is to power up the Stronger Combo Attack. Having this Fighting Skill early in the game will be very helpful. At the early stages of the game, you will find it difficult to sustain high levels of Gravity Energy. But if you have upgraded this skill, you will not be too dependent on gravity powered attacks. So, it is very important for you to acquire this skill first in the early stages of the game.

Shower Kick Will Help You Acquire Power Up 2

The shower kick is also one of the first moves that you need to upgrade in Gravity Rush 2. You need this upgrade for maximum efficiency. The shower kick starts a one-drop attack when you press Square + X at the same time while Kat is in the air. At first, this move may seem to be useless. But later in the game, you will find that it is effective when you are confronted with enemies.

Rolling Spike Attack Will Give You Power Up 5 In Gravity Rush 2

The Rolling Spike Attack is the standard attack that can inflict damage to the enemy when Kat is in her normal Jupiter fighting mode. If you are able to power up this kind of attack in Gravity Rush 2, you will find that it will be more effective when Kat is in Lunar Mode. When you have powered up this attack, Kat will be able to overcome an enemy's attack during a Rocket Jump by pressing Square. You will also find that you won't be using gravity power even when Kat is undertaking an aerial battle.

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