NASA's Curiosity Mars Rover Finds New Water Evidence Such As Ancient Lakes On Mars

It has always been theorized for quite some time now that there could be life on mars, and new evidences shows proof to that theory. NASA's Curiosity Mars Rover recently discovered signs of water having existed on the planet.

New Evidences Found By Curiosity Rover That There Could Have Been Lakes On Mars

It is undeniable how NASA has been finding ways to prove that there is and that there could be life in Mars. Over the years, they have provided the world with many evidences of the matter, and recently, they have another one to add to that. Just recently, NASA's Curiosity Mars Rover found new evidences proving that planet Mars once had lakes on its very own surface. Based on the official reports, the findings were made on a rock slab that was called an "Old Soaker" back in December 2016. The rover is currently at the bottom of Mount Sharp in Gale Crater, slowly making its way up.

According to Nathan Stein, a graduate student from Caltech who led the investigation, a pattern was seen making fractions that looked like mud cracks. They are what anyone would see beside a road wherein muddy ground has already dried and cracked. Thus, this could highly be a possibility that there have been lakes in Mars most likely millions of years ago, that have already dried up over time. Thus, this could only prove that if the evidences are confirmed, there had been life on Mars.

Ancient Lakes That Lived On Mars Waiting To Be Proven True; May Have Gone Through Brief Wet And Dry Periods

If these will be confirmed to be in fact mud cracks, the information fits well to the context of what has been pictured on where the Curiosity Rover has been climbing on for months on Mount Sharp. The lakes may have varied in time and depth, and could have definitely disappeared. Thus, the scientists have been seeing evidences of long-lived lakes on the planet that may have already dried down in time. This could abide by the theory that a life on Mars is possible, just as much as it is on Earth if they possess the same properties that the latter does.

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