‘Persona 5' New Trailer Reveals Gameplay In Palace And More

Atlus has just revealed the latest trailer for its up and coming worldwide version of “Persona 5”. This time the trailer featured a new gameplay. Aside from the new gameplay, it has revealed that it set in a whole new environment.

Atlus has released the new video trailer for “Persona 5”, which showcased the gameplay in the palace. In the world of the “Persona” video game series, a palace is the equivalent of an in-game dungeon wherein players can explore and get all sorts of nifty items for upgrades. And of course, the cons of going in adventurous explorations set the players to meet all kinds of formidable enemies that hold rare item drops.

The new gameplay trailer for “Persona 5” revealed the mechanics in the palace, starting off with a cut scene wherein the characters bump into a structure that resembles a castle but is actually called a palace. The video introduces that there are countless conflicts to encounter shadows and the main objective of infiltrating the palace is to gain the ultimate treasure. Aside from showing the gameplay mechanics, there are up to four characters that can set on the quest and the skills are displayed in the trailer.

Being one of the popular media franchises in Japan, the latest “Persona” game incorporates animated movies in its video games to enhance the storytelling part. This video game series is so popular that it has spawned animated television series as well. It is actually also part of the bigger “Megami Tensei” franchise, which is also under Atlus.

Persona 5” is role-playing and social simulation video game. It is the sixth main installment in the “Persona” video game franchise. It was first released in Japan in September 2016 for the PlayStation 3 gaming console. Gearing up for a worldwide released this April with a whole new voice cast and more features, the said game will only be made available on PlayStation 4.

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