‘Valkyria Revolution' New Trailer Highlights Main Character Amleth

Sega has just released another new trailer featuring the main character of the up and coming, “Valkyria Revolution.” Being one of the anticipated role-playing video games this year, the said new game has already released various trailers to tease fans. The latest one has highlighted the main character named Amleth and revealed more details about him.

Just last week, Sega has dropped its latest trailer for its new video game, “Valkyria Revolution”. The said game is the latest installment of the series but the developers have explained that though it will have similar plots and will be adapting some facts from the previous titles, this one will have a whole new separate story. The new teaser featured the main playable character in the game, who is named Amleth. It showcased his background, his encounters with the different characters, and many more of the game’s attributes.

The climax of the trailer was centered on Amleth’s fight with the famed Valkyria, Brynhildr, who is on the side of the Rus Empire. The duel showed Amleth’s skills as a character who wields a huge and heavy two-handed sword instead of a firearm. Amleth Glencaire has been revealed as the commanding officer of Jultan Kingdom’s Vanargard, or the anti-Valkyria unit and leader of the Circle of Five.

In early 2016, a remastered version of the “Valkyria Chronicles” was released for PlayStation 4, which included a demo of “Valkyria Revolution” that developers were hoping to get feedback from fans. Thanks to the harsh yet constructive comments, the developers made a decision to make major changes in the upcoming game, which included changing the combat system to make it feel more like a role playing game. “Valkyria Revolution”, otherwise referred to as “Valkyria: Azure Revolution” in Japan, is set to be made available on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Xbox One. It will be initially released in Japan on Jan. 19 this year and will head to North America and Europe in the second quarter of 2017.

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