Tom Clancy's The Division Last Stand DLC Trailer Is Here, Details Revealed

Tom Clancy's The Division players have something to look forward to. That's because a new DLC in the name of the Last Stand is on its way to the game. In fact, Ubisoft has just released its first teaser trailer. Judging by the look of it, it's going to be interesting.

As of this writing, nothing of significance can be learned about the forthcoming Tom Clancy's The Division DLC (except for its title). Nonetheless, as reported by PCGamesN, the studio has unleashed its first trailer on its official YouTube channel. Apparently, it seems to project the idea of defending a horde of enemies, as players try to ensure their survivability.

The original Season Pass Tom Clancy's The Division content announcement video somehow defines the meaning behind the Last Stand DLC. That it's primarily about the players and their respective "squad" being prepared to "defend against a relentless foe." So, in a sense, it might be some sort of wave defense mode or something.

It's worth noting that the gist of the forthcoming Tom Clancy's The Division DLC has been teased in an online survey from the video game company. As previously reported here at iTech Post, there were questions about what sort of things players are expecting for the next content. Heck, some of those were even about how they want the content to be all about. Somehow, the reception towards this activity was overwhelming.

Fortunately, the Ubisoft has promised a full reveal set for Tom Clancy's The Division fans. This will be made today, January 19, at 8 AM PST. For interested players, they can simply head straight to the game's official Twitch channel to watch it. Just go here.

What are your thoughts on the soon to be released Tom Clancy's The Division DLC? Any expectations you have for the Last Stand content? Let us know what you're thinking at the comment section below.

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