Tom Clancy's The Division Update 1.6 Is All About Massive Additions

Tom Clancy's The Division is gearing towards another update from developer Massive. Although update 1.6 has yet to be officially revealed, dataminers have found their way to it. And based on the tons of clues and/or information gathered, it seems to bring a good number of additions.

According to iDigitalTimes, Tom Clancy's The Division players have been given a survey that somehow teases the possible details the upcoming update features. One is the evidence of an additional Survival mode. Moreover, there are a couple of new areas to discover among others.

The aforementioned survey (which can be accessed here) gives focus on the player reference questions from the Tom Clancy's The Division community. One particular question asks players about their interests towards a mode called Last Man Standing. As the name suggests, it could offer a gameplay in which only a single player can win the match.

Another question from the survey points to the kind of future the Tom Clancy's The Division fandom wants. Subsequently, most players are expecting various options in terms of new cities (though these should efficiently continue the story within New York). Others also suggest a brand new setting, one that has a completely different narrative.

The interesting part here is the fact that most of these questions are consistent with the ones gathered by Tom Clancy's The Division dataminers. For instance, one clue refers to a new locale. It's deemed as Clamp Clinton, which is located in De Witt Clinton Park. Furthermore, there are some mentioning about the Central Park. While these are all exciting, there's yet to be an official confirmation from Ubisoft. But of course, they're still worth looking forward to.

As of this writing, update 1.6 for Tom Clancy's The Division remains a mystery. There's yet to be an official release date, let alone its patch notes as mentioned above. Nonetheless, the studio has already confirmed its forthcoming existence.

What are your thoughts on the next Tom Clancy's The Division update? What expectation do you have for it? What do you think about the survey? Let us know what you're thinking at the comment section below!

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