Nintendo Switch News: Walmart May Be Your Last Chance To Pre-Order A Switch

As soon as retail stores opened their lines and doors for pre-orders of the much-awaited Nintendo Switch, almost all if not all of their supposed stocks have quickly sold out. Fortunately, one retailer still has some left to offer.

Just days after the launch of the Nintendo Switch, there are already some grumblings about the difficulty of pre-ordering one. GameStop already released a statement that all the initial Switch units reserved for them to sell have already been accounted for and that it is working with Nintendo to get more. Other retail stores such as Amazon, Best Buy, Target and Toys R Us no longer have the Nintendo Switch listed as available but have yet to issue a press release.

A Nintendo spokesperson relayed to BGR that the Switch is still available for pre-orders at Walmart. Interested parties, however, have to go to a Walmart store to place their order as pre-ordering is no longer available online.

As the old adage goes, "better safe than sorry". Before heading out to the nearest Walmart branch, call the store to determine if they still accept pre-orders as the company has indicated that they will only accept as much as their stocks could offer. Slash Gear noted that Walmart has guaranteed that those who successfully reserve a console will get theirs on the day of the launch which falls on March 3.

If everything's a go, proceed to Walmart and go straight to the Pickup desk. A 10 percent down payment is required to pre-order so have some cash handy - around $30 perhaps.

Nintendo of America head honcho Reggie Fils-Aime said in an interview that the Nintendo Switch will not go the way of the mini NES Classic. He further explained that the company is releasing a total of 20 million Switch units on the launch day. Despite this pronouncement, however, it seems like the Nintendo Switch is already becoming a rare commodity.

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