DJI Mavic Pro Shipment Schedule For New Orders Now Down To 3-5 Days

You read that right, DJI has once again reduced the shipping days for new Mavic Pro orders. Nevertheless, this isn't exactly the first time that DJI has done that. Right after the holiday rush, the company has set the shipment schedule to 7-10 days. Soon enough, it was reduced to 5-7 days. Now, DJI is proud to list the Mavic Pro with a 3-5 days shipment.

DJI Mavic Pro Past Orders Status

The Mavic Pro is one amazing drone that other brands can hardly compete with. With that, the demand for the said drone is undeniably high. In fact, there might still be a number of past orders that remain undelivered. To refresh your memory, the DJI Mavic Pro was in a hot seat right after its reveal. The company set a mid-October release for the drone's pre-order but they failed to ship on time. Nevertheless, the company apologized and they then changed the shipping timeframe to up to seven weeks. It was only this January when DJI removed the long waiting time and changed the shipment schedule to as quick as 3-5 days.

Our recent posts have seen some comments from people who haven't received their Mavic Pro yet. Most of these orders were made from third-party resellers. This seems to suggest that only DJI has enough supply of the drone while its external resellers are still in a rut clearing all orders.

DJI Mavic Pro From Third-party Resellers

So far, only orders that are directly made with DJI are set to be shipped in a short time. Amazon lists the Mavic Pro with a late March release date while B&H lists it on pre-order and without an expected availability date. Best Buy then lists the DJI Mavic Pro as a sold-out item.

With that, it's clear that only DJI has the capacity to ship new orders in a short time period. Hopefully, though, third-party sellers will be able to ship all past and new Mavic Pro orders within a short period of time as well. Are you one of the people who ordered the Mavic Pro months before? Please share your order status below. If you're one of the people who ordered from DJI recently, please share in the comments section if the order did indeed ship quickly.


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