Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare Latest News: Missing Leaderboards Will Arrive This Month, Combat Records Next Month Says Studio Manager

Ashton Williams, Studio Community Manager of Infinity Ward, has recently announced the release of the missing leaderboards of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. This is good news to avid fans of the game who had been waiting for this update for quite a while now. The announcement was made on the official subreddit site of the video game.

Infinity Ward Said It Will Release The Leaderboards This Month

Williams also gave some details of what they are planning to do on the following months. He announced that the missing leaderboards of Call of Duty: Infinity Warfare will be released later this month. After that, the in-game Emblem Editor and Combat Records will be released in late February. Williams also assured the fans that they are doing everything to finalize the tests, wrap the items and release them as soon as they are ready.

These leaderboards are used to show the percentile of a gamer of Call of Duty: Infinity Warfare whether he is in the top 10,000. If he is, he will be able to see his particular ranking number. This ranking is designed so that leaderboards could increase the competitiveness. However, it will not affect leaderboards that are friend-specific. In this way, players can see the ranking of the other players whom they know.

Why Combat Records Of Call Of Duty: Infinity Warfare Will Come A Little Later

Williams also explained why the release of Combat Records of Call of Duty: Infinity Warfare will take a little longer. He said that they are still designing its UI. According to him, there are a lot of data involved and they are still deciding the items that will be included. The developer could probably give the same treatment to other features such as Custom Emblems. This feature is also slated for an update in February.

Infinity Ward also warned the fans that they should not worry if they cannot see their stats right away once the leaderboards goes live. The developer said that they will be rolling out more information about the leaderboards as soon as they are released. The good thing is that fans are now sure that Call of Duty: Infinity Warfare will be in full gear very soon.

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