Pokemon GO Latest Update: Female Pikachu Are Now Popping Up In The Wild; Gender Differences Now Live?

Recent developments seem to indicate that Niantic has done something to Pokemon GO and did not inform the fans about it. Trainers all over the worlds were surprised to find something that was never there before. There are reports saying that trainers across the planet have found female Pikachu.

Apparently, This New Feature Was Not Announced By Niantic

The most recent Pokemon GO update rolled out by Niantic was version 0.53. It changed how the game calculated the distance and tracked the drift in GPS. The update also improved the AppleWatch app interface that displayed the eggs acquired from PokeStops. Apparently, this recently discovered update was not announced by Niantic.

But the proof is there: trainers of Pokemon GO everywhere have apparently seen not only male, but female Pokemon popping out in the wild. A lot of information was previously provided by the latest APK (android application package) update regarding Poke Genders. Now that female Pikachu suddenly appear everywhere, gamers have the proof that Niantic has already rolled out this feature.

Images Of Female Pikachu Are Already Posted Online

The Silph Road has already posted an image of the recent phenomenon of Pokemon GO. This site has claimed that it has found female Pikachu in the wild. It also appears that when a male Pikachu evolves, it will turn into a female Raichu. Apparently, all these reports have one thing in common: the only two Pokemon that displays this new capability are Pikachu and Raichu.

In Pokemon GO, Pickachu Is The Most Recognizable

Perhaps one of the reasons is that of all Pokemon, Pikachu is the most recognizable. The male Pikachu has some differences with the female Pikachu. In Pokemon GO, the shapes of their tails are different from each other. The male's tail is like a lightning bolt, while the tail end of the female is heart-shaped. The Raichu male and female differences are not that marked. The tail of the male is longer than the tail of the female.

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