CIA Documents On UFO Investigations, Finally Exposed: Could This Be The End Of All Conspiracy Theories?

In the quest to discover extraterrestrial life, a number of conspiracy theories have long been circulating in the UFO hunters' community. These theories are said to revolve around claims of UFO sightings, the government trying to hide information about UFOs up to the alleged records of 'psychic experiments' such as the Stargate programme under the supervision of CIA and other renowned people like Uri Geller. And, for the first time, the CIA have recently published certain declassified documents online which allegedly includes the data from the 1940s on topics like the Cold War, the undisclosed daily briefings from two presidential administrations and the most awaited eerie and unexplained UFO sightings.

Could This Be The End Of All Conspiracy Theories?

According to reports revealed by the New York Post, nearly 930,000 documents were reportedly posted to the spy agency's Reading Room. Apparently, it was found that the reading room was actually a searchable database of the documents that was previously known to be publicly available at the National Archives in College Park, in Maryland. Revealingly, for those users who have entered "UFO" into the database, it showed them more than 1,738 results, with publication dates spanning from 1942 through 2009. One notable document was about the detailed "unusual phenomenon" that took place on the horizon near the border between Iran and the USSR.

CIA Documents On UFO Investigations And Paranormal Tests

Furthermore, as previously mentioned, among the published records was the test conducted with celebrity psychic Uri Geller, where he was believed to have copied pictures drawn in another room. In one of their statements reported by Metro, CIA researchers described the course of his test as having the ability to demonstrate his paranormal perceptual ability in a convincing and unambiguous manner. Meanwhile, author of the UFO Investigations Manual, Nigel Watson, has revealed that there were roughly 10,000 UFO reports that has been collected by the US, Project Blue Book, and have been put online and that many other governments have then released their UFO files thereafter. Ultimately, it was found that apart from UFO information, the CIA has also published documents that reportedly cover a wide range of other topics, including the early history of the spy agency, the Cold War, Vietnam and the Berlin Tunnel Project, a surveillance program on the Soviet army headquarters in Berlin dubbed one of the most ambitious CIA operations of the 1950s.


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