Twitter Is Officially Ditching The Buy Button From The Platform

Twitter´s bad luck doesn't seem to end. In addition to the concerning decrease of users and its well-known financial issues, the social media network is now ditching the buy button, a feature in which the company ventured some weeks ago in order to get into the e-commerce and extend its market.

Twitter Will Eliminate The Buy Button In Less Than Two Weeks

According to Digital Trends, although Twitter will finally ditch the buy button and shut down its sales channel on February 1, this was something that has gradually been phasing out since May. Apparently, the information was known because the e-commerce platform Shopify, the one that offered the Twitter sales channel, sent an email to the social media network sales partners, explaining to them that there will be an imminent closure of the e-commerce feature. Nevertheless, even when the buy button will be eliminated, Twitter will retain the donate button that allows users to give to charities and non-profits.

Another Huge Setback For The Company

Although Twitter´s sales channel promised to be a success when it was implemented back in 2014, this feature quickly became sort of obsolete and irrelevant for the users, because of its slow rollout. Of course, this represent another setback for the company, considering that in the last months the financial crisis got to the point in which some of its shareholders and the board member made the decision of selling the company, which was something that didn't happen, given the fact that no company would want to buy a social media network that has a concerning leak of users.

As reported by Pymnts, another reason of Twitter´s retirement fro e-commerce was that numerous members of the team that managed that area let or were let go from the company, which forced Twitter to focus primarily on improving the customer service and try to get more revenues from ads, which was something that has strongly failed, given the fact that Twitter has lost a lot of users, and is a having a really difficult time on advertising.

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